Our network

With over 7,000 charge points, bp pulse is the largest public charging network in the UK. The network consists of over 400 rapid chargers (50KW). New ultra-fast chargers (150KW) are currently being installed.


Your subscription

The majority of our charging points are free to use with the bp pulse subscription, and the others are from just 12p per kWh.


UK’s largest public charging network

The BP Chargemaster network has a variety of different charging units with different charging speeds covering all your charging needs: fast charging at shopping centers and cinemas, rapid charging at road sides, and ultra-fast charging at BP forecourts.


Maximum Flexibility

There's no long-term contract or notice period. Therefore if you decide for any reason to cancel, you can do so. It's as simple and painless as that.

*1 The prices for charging sessions communicated for the bp pulse subscription are set by BP Chargemaster Limited in their own discretion. For further information please visit https://bpchargemaster.com/faqs/

*2 You will be charged a monthly fee of £7.85.

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